A few of my favorites from Hoppies this morning. We are heading into a 200 mile…

A few of my favorites from Hoppies this morning. We are heading into a 200 mile stretch with no docks, no marinas, no fuel, no food. We have the aft deck loaded with extra cans of fuel. We’re only running the genset occasionally to charge batteries and things, basically powered the boat down to just the Garmins. We’ll keep you updated if we can and if not we’ll see you on the other side in a couple days. #MissMarianne www.lifeofacaptain.com

— with Albert Bartkus.


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  1. Cindy Chebultz
    Cindy Chebultz says:

    We are going to try to make it 107 miles where we can at least tie up to a barge. If we can’t make it then we will find a place to anchor off, but the Mississippi has a very strong current and lots of tree-sized logs floating down it.

  2. Peggy Taylor
    Peggy Taylor says:

    I remember that section of the Mississippi. My family traveled south of St Louis only once back in the 60’s from the QC. My father Tab Taylor had 35ft Owens. After that trip my Mother said we should always cruse up River. Many trips to St.Paul & onto the StCroix River.

  3. John Roeser
    John Roeser says:

    Beautiful pictures! What kind of camera are you using? The possibility of running out of fuel is such a nail biter! I’m sure your properly prepared as usual!!

  4. Cindy Chebultz
    Cindy Chebultz says:

    Her range is about 200 miles at our typical speed, we are currently at about 1.75 gal per knot … at 15 knots, burning 22-24 gph … and at 10 knots, burning about 8 gph

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