He can even create a table saw out of the salon top #boatwithnoname

He can even create a table saw out of the salon top #boatwithnoname

He can even create a table saw out of the salon top #boatwithnoname

Posted by Cindy Chebultz on Sunday, April 7, 2019

Posted by: Cindy Chebultz

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  1. Scott Chapin
    Scott Chapin says:

    I;d like to see you try that with a worm drive.It would be alot safer putting a couple scrap 2×4′ under the sheet and I would use my festoon saw with a track

  2. Robert Bergevin
    Robert Bergevin says:

    Check out ‘This from a Shipwright” featuring Louis Sauzedde, cutting a scarf on a boat with a chain saw. Skilled folks should just be left to do their work. Sometimes it is best for amateurs like me not to watch. Good stuff.

  3. Ed Dennis
    Ed Dennis says:

    Al you are making wood boating look easy, fun and rewarding. 2nd Thurs every month my woodworking club meets at Oak Lawn center. You can be my guest, 7 pm, great group. You would be a younger member.

  4. George Garland
    George Garland says:

    Master craftsman? This gentleman? It is to laugh. I work with master craftsman. I was taught by master craftsman. Let me assure you, they do not or would not condone what is shown in this video, it is an example of what NOT to do in any circumstances. Or, perhaps this is a late April Fools joke? If so I appreciate the humor, I really do but it is starting to creep a little. Brrrrr!

  5. Jason Tucker
    Jason Tucker says:

    I like it. I’ll have to remember that trick. You know it’s not like we old Chris craft owners are made of money. So at some point you just gotta get shit done. So I applaud the ingenuity! And I’ve seen “master craftsmen” do way more stupid shit!!!

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