Highlights from yesterday #boatwithnoname

Highlights from yesterday #boatwithnoname

Highlights from yesterday #boatwithnoname

Posted by Cindy Chebultz on Friday, March 22, 2019

Posted by: Cindy Chebultz

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  1. Jim Piersol
    Jim Piersol says:

    That’s awesome! Glad she’s in the water. Don’t get me wrong I’m not questioning your technique. Obviously you two know what you are doing but at what point are more straps necessary?

  2. David Jane
    David Jane says:

    If you don’t have them already. You need to mark the sides of boat on both sides so you know where to place the rear strap when hauling out so it’s not too far back and ends up grabbing any part of prop shaft…

  3. Scott Geer
    Scott Geer says:

    Stunning.. beautiful. You guys are my some of my heros! One day I will effort meet up on the water to shake your hands! Next time you are on Erie!!

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