My AC unit is working fine … But the blower inside this air handler box is now…

My AC unit is working fine … But the blower inside this air handler box is now kaput … Whats the best way in there? we put a fan inside the box where the coils are (these are also in the same metal box) and it blows nice cold air, just not the volume that it normally does. That metal box one side is where the air goes out, the heating coils and the blower are somewhere in the middle, and the 3rd picture is the air intake that we accessed through the vent panel under a bed.

The blower is inside that metal box between the end with the ducts coming out and the end with the coils, there is an air intake and vent hole with a filter on the coil side. the blower is somewhere inside. This is the original 1967 heater and a/c unit. The duct splitter end is in the bilge under the dinette, the coil end is under a bed in the fore stateroom (so it's complicated to get to and to photograph the whole thing). The water cooling part is on the starboard side, and the metal box is on the port side.

Posted by: Cindy Chebultz


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  1. Jeff Grashel
    Jeff Grashel says:

    Grainger, find the blower motor and fan. Made the mistake of buying new like for like. Today’s junk is just that. Buying blower motor and replacing the old unit.

  2. Mike DeLayo
    Mike DeLayo says:

    I’ve been in the Marine A/C business for over 40 years and have never seen that system. None of those photos show a blower motor. I agree that if you can get it out or get some specs off the blower Grainger would probably be able to match it up. I can try and help some more if you get some pics if the blower assembly.

  3. Craig Combs II
    Craig Combs II says:

    Thats because the unit is 50 yrs old! Theblower can be or similar is best bet.

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