The chargicator #MissMarianne

The chargicator #MissMarianne


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  1. Christopher Wickersham Jr.
    Christopher Wickersham Jr. says:

    Marko, yours doesn’t have one? My connie, roamer, and commander have all had them. I love the gauge, btw, it is very accurate and actually a very good predictor of charge level. I always know when I have a bat I am going to need to replace well ahead of time.

  2. Kevin Harbaugh
    Kevin Harbaugh says:

    Kind of odd I think must be set up for 9 volt batteries But then again I think most of those diesels are 36 volt so 9 volt batteries would make sense I bet they’re hard to find anymore

  3. Tom Kenny
    Tom Kenny says:

    I am also running a 32v system. Two banks of 4 – 8v batteries. I like the idea of the Morse Marine Chargicator and the idea of possibility seeing the status of each battery. Before a long trip, I am in the engine room with my gauges testing those 8 batteries. I don’t know how the wiring would go but it is a nice idea.

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