Took her out and stretched her legs yesterday #missginger

Took her out and stretched her legs yesterday #missginger

Posted by: Cindy Chebultz


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  1. Jason Tucker
    Jason Tucker says:

    I had a 42’ 1959. Kinda runs like yours. Get it up to 2500rpm it’d die. Under it was fine. Repower. Same thing. Changed everything. Still had the problem. I gave up cause I didn’t care about +2500rpms. But I always suspected the lines. Especially inside the tanks. I also feared damage to the tanks if I tried to
    Pull them

  2. Glen Petersimes Petersimes
    Glen Petersimes Petersimes says:

    If you can get at it quickly wrap coil with a baggie full of ice if it starts back up u on track

  3. H Howard Wisch Jr
    H Howard Wisch Jr says:

    Gorgeous. The Constellations are without doubt one of the best designs ever. As a kid, and still, seeing a 57 footer go by at 16 knots looked like a mahogany freight train passing by with the Detroit’s humming…..

  4. Jon Wiles
    Jon Wiles says:

    So Cindy, i’m guessing your fuel delivery problem is solved ? You got the canister apart ok and that was the problem ?

  5. Ed Dennis
    Ed Dennis says:

    Ethanol will grow green powdered crap in idle air tubes. I pull the carb (Carter Afb) top off and use a welder’s tip cleaner of correct size through the brass tubes and spray carb cleaner. 3 years and still good. Random happens may be your problem

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