What I would give for another half an inch right now,!!! #nauticinderella #chri…

What I would give for another half an inch right now,!!! #nauticinderella #chriscraft

What I would give for another half an inch right now,!!! #nauticinderella #chriscraft

Posted by Cindy Chebultz on Tuesday, November 29, 2016


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  1. Ken Mitchell-eby
    Ken Mitchell-eby says:

    Cut the pipes off close to the unit so you can rotate the whole thhing. Then unscrew the top and bottom caps, get them out of there, and you should have the clearance to slip it out. My suggestion for the pipe repair/replacement is PEX. A lot simpler and faster to work with.

  2. Ken Mitchell-eby
    Ken Mitchell-eby says:

    While not the prettiest thing this is what I did to my Corinthian for winterization purposes. There are 4 valves total. The function is this: In season the red handle and blue handle at the “T” are closed. The water loop works in a normal manner. To winterize the upper outlet and lower inlet blue handles are closed, the red handle and blue handle at the “T” opened. This allows the heater to drain while I winterize the remainder of the system. Operating the valves as described ties the hot water loop into the cold and alows antifreeze to get pumped through witho out having to fill the heater. When the heater is drained I add some antifreeze. And since I uses copper materials I already had I also installed unions at the inlet and outlet to allow heater removal without discombobulating the rest of the system.

  3. Jim Lupinski
    Jim Lupinski says:

    Stay South and forget winterization. There are dzns.of ways to move this water heater out the way and still use while you investigate and make your repairs to the hull

  4. David Miller
    David Miller says:

    Get rid of the PVC … PEX is so much better and easier to work with… if you can find NIBCO brand it is the only MIL. STD. PEX available and is rated for direct sunlight as well as direct burial

  5. Nathan Rose
    Nathan Rose says:

    Food for thought, got my systems, water pump, and heaters plumbed so that if I have to remove a component I install a bypass piece of pipe so I still have water no matter what.

  6. Albert Bartkus
    Albert Bartkus says:

    None of that lumber seems original to the boat. Looks like 2×4’s added to possibly take some bounce from floor above. Remove what you need to get the water heater out and than replace them.

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