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Taking on the Great Loop on a 1960 Chris-Craft Constellation and Loving It

How’s this for a modern-day adventure, although with a tip of the hat to a golden oldie? Albert Bartkus and Cindy Chebultz have joined a growing number of cruisers who are taking on the Great Loop, and they’re doing it on a classic 1960, 50-foot wooden Chris-Craft Constellation named MissMarianne. And to prove they’re totally up to date, Cindy is taking pictures and posting them on their blog, lifeofacaptain, just about every day.

They left Chicago, their home port, on Oct. 27, and figure that by the time they’re through with the Loop, plus side trips, they’ll cover 7,000 miles, cruising through 20 states in the U.S. and two provinces in Canada. So far, they’ve gone down to Mobile, which isn’t a bad start. That’s Cindy with a friend from another boat, above left, and Albert on the Chris-Craft in Chicago, above right.  For a great sense of what life on the Loop looks like, read more:

River portion of the trip is running to an end soon. Mobile bay on the horizon…

River portion of the trip is running to an end soon. Mobile bay on the horizon. With that said, here is another small collection of mostly the Tom Bigby. Today we turned over 1000 NM cruised in just 15 days. For a boat this age and speed i’d say we are doing well and still seeing the country. #missmarianne


Bobbies Fish Camp to Mobile Bay

Bobbies Fish Camp to Mobile Bay