The Antique and Classic Boat Foundation is an association dedicated to connecting people who love and enjoy classic boats with events, information, expertise, and other people who share the passion.

  • We provide information, education, and resources designed to promote, sustain and grow the hobby, professions, community, and lifestyle surrounding the safe enjoyment of classic boats and boating.
  • We perpetuate the craftsmanship, artistry, and knowledge of the maritime traditions through education, public display, restoration and construction, and entertainment. 
  • We provide the opportunity for those less fortunate or with other needs to enjoy time on a vintage vessel. 


We provide gathering places where maritime history comes alive through direct experience and our craft heritage is enjoyed, preserved, and passed along to future generations. We encourage the use, preservation, and restoration of wooden and classic boats.  We are dedicated to saving as many of these vintage vessels as possible and will take on as many preservation projects as time, volunteers and funds allow.


The boat first show was the Classic Boat Rendezvous held in Chicago in 2017.  For 2018 we promoted the non-profit via traveling 5,418 miles around the Great Loop attending boat shows, touring classic yacht facilities and of course meeting lots of people.

We hope to inspire those that might have an interest in classic boats through education, tours, boat rides, making connections, social activities and all things boating.


We strive to engage and educate people of all generations in maritime life, in a spirit of adventure and discovery. We are dedicated to the preservation of maritime craft traditions.  We would love to show you how to repair and rebuild a wood or classic boat to achieve a safe, sound vessel while maintaining its beauty. We envision a future where people of all ages use their hands and minds to connect to a dying culture of wooden boat preservation.  Our foundation has a strong commitment to the care and feeding of wooden boats, their owners and those who appreciate them.

Charitable Vacations

Our goal is to cover, accommodations, food, and anything else needed to provide stress-free vacations to those who need them. Whether it be for the terminally ill, cancer patients, veterans, disadvantaged kids, first responders, etc … our hope is that we can provide all expenses paid day or weekend out on the lake, but that also depends on the available funds at the time the request is made.  We are a relatively new and fast-growing non-profit organization. Our heart is to be able to provide this gift to as many people as possible and never have to say “no,” to anyone. We are always brainstorming and looking for more ways to raise funds so we can give these people a much-needed rest and time away from the chaos. If you’d like to officially nominate a someone or a group please fill out our nomination form. There may be a wait list depending on the number of nominations we receive.

Personal Vacations

Airbnb Social Impact Experiences


All donations go to support our educational programs, restoration and maintenance of historic vessels and community programs.