Non Profits/ Organizations/ Fundraising Private Boat Tours

Any non profit, charity, and fundraising events looking to promote and grow their support base call us to schedule a cruise on our vintage yachts! Let’s grow your donor base and our returning guests together! We can offer a range of different promotions and marketing efforts to make your event with us a success. Join our growing list of non-profits that we have worked with in the past and contact us to see how we can help support your organization.

Benefits of hosting an event with us

Executive Summary

Our objective is to combine our services with local and regional nonprofits/charities/fundraisers in order to help them create awareness, fund expansions, pay expenses, and help their communities solve issues that they are facing. We understand that non profits have a wide range of expenses per year to allocate for which is we would like to help fundraise the best way we know how, offering an entertaining boat cruise. We hope that our fundraising event, in some small part, can help your organization grow!

Fundraising Goals & Objectives

  • Create an ongoing annual event for your non-profit organization on our Chesapeake City and Havre De Grace vessels

  • Make an ongoing revenue source for your organization

  • Promote current and future events & create brand awareness about the organization and our cruise business

  • Increase awareness about the topics or messages that the organization is all about and to offer ways to donate, or volunteer.

To read our entire business plan about how we can host an event for your organization, please contact us.